Countertop Materials for Your Bathroom Remodel

A Newley Remodeled Bathroom

A Newley Remodeled Bathroom. Source:

When embarking on any type of home remodel project, it’s crucial to weigh all the factors before committing to any decisions. For bathroom remodel needs, you’ll need to figure out fixtures, color schemes, and of course, countertop surfaces. Here are a few top choices and their pros and cons.


Unless you’re in the market for the best of the best, manufactured quartz can make for a great granite alternative. It imitates granite’s strong, elegant appearance while offering comparable durability, and usually with a lesser price point.


Offering numerous finishes which can mimic a variety of more expensive materials, laminate surfaces provide the luxurious look with some drawbacks. While it does well in the face of moisture and stains, it’s not assured to protect against burns, dents or other such types of damage.


Integrity Restoration says that much like with kitchen remodel projects, tile is a very popular choice for its accessibility and wide array of stylistic possibilities. Choose from a spectrum of finishes and colors, as well as varying sizes which can turn a drab counter into a work of art. Tile isn’t quite as strong as some of its counterparts, but repairs are easier and you’re likely to save money in the end.

Your satisfaction with your home remodel project hinges on the choices you make, so always take the time to consider all options. Base your choices on the day-to-day needs of the surface material, including who’s using it and what kind of torture test they’re likely to put it through. With the right preparation, your bathroom remodel will be a walk in the park.